In the islands, “Talk Story” is a term for informal communication commonly used amongst friends. ALOHA!

One of the questions we get asked all the time is “Why Jupiter“?
Joe Rizzi, the founder of JRF, was captivated by the amazing song of the humpback whale the first time he heard it while snorkeling off Puako, Hawaii. Shortly thereafter, along with a few colleagues, he started a non-profit research foundation with the idea that when new technologies were discovered that have substantial and unique commercial or scientific applications, independent corporations could be created to carry these technologies forward. Since it all started by listening to whales, he named it Jupiter, which has a two fold meaning: Jupiter Whale is a term for one of several finback whales of the North Atlantic, it stems from Jubartas, a noun meaning Giant or Humpbacked. Jupiter also being the largest planet in the solar system with many moons is a metaphor for the non profit entity with potentially many spin off companies.

Jupiter has been moving away from using moored CetaBuoys to broadcast the whale song to developing the use of an autonomous station keeping vehicle called the Wave Glider. As we acquire new Wave Glider command and control systems we name them after Jupiter’s moons: Io and CallistoThebeArcheKarpo, Metis, Leda, Kale and Europa our new SV3. For our movie see “The Whale Sings”

Beth tests humpback whale song off of a Wave Glider: