The catalog is broken down into five pigmentation categories: from 00-10% (almost all black); 10-25%; 25-50%; 50-75%; 75-100% (almost all white). This helps in trying to find matches, but of course, the % is very subjective, so you might find a match in either of the adjacent categories.

Example Label:25_17a_BG_2007_02_28_R_Cow_Shimmy_HIKC

Label Legend (from left to right):
% White
ID number
Initials of author
R: Resight  or match within same area
RA: Resight or match outside of initial area or Hawaii with first initial of State

Description of animal: Cow, Calf, Escort, Competitive Pod
Whale name if given
HIKC: Location abbreviation (Hawaii Kohala Coast)

BG= Beth Goodwin (EOTW)
BG-JRF= Beth Goodwin (JRF)
JMc= Jeff McConnel
CBC= Charles Carden

We Hope You Enjoy The Who’s Who of Kohala Coast Whales!